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"We have a motto at ACN
called finished never is. We are
always trying to figure out ways to
further enhance what we are doing."

Greg Provenzano, President & Co-Founder of ACN

Greg Provenzano, ACN President & Co-Founder


Greg Provenzano is President and Co-Founder of ACN Inc, a direct selling company formed in 1993. ACN's Co-Founders have overseen expansion from a single long distance product in the U.S. to a large portfolio of products in more than 20 countries.

With a deep commitment to personal growth, Greg Provenzano inspires others to work on their personal lives as hard as they work on their businesses. Greg is a leader and motivator to ACN's Independent Business Owners, sharing the company’s vision with them, as well as ways to improve their businesses and their lives.

Greg is a born entrepreneur who had a very successful career in the network marketing industry that began in 1984. He spent nearly a decade examining the industry before founding his own direct sales company in January 1993, along with ACN's other three Co-Founders.

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